Structural & Architectural Steel Detailing Services
Case Study #1

Retrofit - Valhalla Ride at the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool
Objective- To produce a new steel frame to the front of the existing structure to support the new concrete facade.
We were involved right from the start of the project working with the steel fabricator, our initial task was to
produce an accurate 3D model of the existing structure.  The new steelwork design concept was then added to
the model in phases for visualisation and approval.
Working closely with the site team, BPB and engineer we helped co-ordinate the flow of information via the 3D
model and 2D drawings, this allowed for the required time slots of manufacturing and fitting to be allocated.
Once the steelwork setout was confirmed we continued to work with the engineer and site manager on
connection design to complete the project ready for fabrication.
The most complex part of the process was making sure the existing & new steelwork fitted perfectly so that
the facade manufacturer could then produce there wire frame cages that fixed to the new structure and covered
with concrete to form the new Valhalla front, this was done by a combination of our 3D model exported & 3D laser scanning by others.